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Hi, I'm Michelle and I am the owner of the Dog Walker Leicester. Here is a little bit about me. In the summer of 2009 I decided to put into practise something I had been thinking about for a couple of years, back then there wasn’t many dog walkers around and it was a difficult decision to give up a decent job and start up a business which I wasn't sure would work. I've always had pets and feel more comfortable around animals than people. I've always loved walking and being outdoors so if I could combine the two and earn a living that would be amazing. Could it really work? I needn’t have worried the dogs just kept coming and soon I was full. New dog walkers were starting up and I was able to pass work on.

I can't pretend it's all been a walk in the park. It has been a learning curve. You think you know dogs until you work with so many different ones every day. Some days it's hard work when the weather man gets it wrong and my mascara ends up on my chin or when one of the dogs has got a little over excited and knocked me in the mud. There’s been poop and sick in the van, the worry of keeping the dog’s safe while out on walks, learning to have eyes in the back of your head, the sleepless nights worrying about injuries, illness and behaviour problems. Constantly thinking of how I can make sure each dog gets the most out of every single minute with me, the heartbreak of one of them crossing to the Rainbow Bridge or moving away.

But would I do it all again? YES, YES, YES and YES again, and I will keep on doing it until I either die or can't walk.

Never have I had such a rewarding job. The happiness I see in their faces when I pick them up is second to none, when clients tell me that their dogs have become a different dog since coming out with me, all the training and hard work I've put in is worth it.

I can't take all the credit. Around eightyears ago my very faithful human pal Derek started helping me on my walks. After a string of ill health his kids had brought him a Springer Spaniel called Misty. Walking is the best thing for being a healthy young chap in his 70s and he joins us for one walk a day. Misty love’s seeing her pals every day and Derek is great human company for me and an extra set of eyes to keep your babies safe.

So why choose me out of the all the dog walkers out there?

I have been a professional dog walker for over 15 years and was one of the first in Leicester. I have been around dogs since I was born. There isn’t much I haven’t encountered over those years.

If I say your dog is getting an hours walk that's what they get, maybe more but never less. I don't cut corners and I make sure they enjoy every minute while staying safe.

I provide safe and secure air-conditioned transport for your dogs. I purchased a new van in 2019 and have secure cages installed with non-slip rubber matting.

I’m fully insured with a specialist pet care company.

All dogs receive basic training and learn their manners while out on walks. This makes my life easier and means I’m not over the other side of a field rescuing a little old dear from being jumped on by one of my dogs while Rover, Spot and Rufus are waiting for a game of ball.

If you choose me and I think your dog will fit in well at The Dog Walker Leicester I will never let you down. If I become your dog walker you get me for your dog’s life. A lot of my dogs have been with me since they were tiny puppies and I love them like my own.

I only walk in small groups and make sure I choose the right dogs to be in that group.

If you’re still not sure, why not give me a call or drop me a text and I’ll call you back or contact me via email using the button below.

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