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About your dogs walk

Whilst we get to know each other your dog will be kept on lead. If you allow me to walk your dog off lead I will work closely with your dog to build up confidence and I will only walk them off lead once I am 100% happy that they will stay with the group. During this time and for all future walks I will help them to develop an excellent recall.

Group walks are a great opportunity for your dog to socialise and interact with other dogs, with close guidance from myself they learn how to walk, run and play with lots of new doggy friends.

A one hour dog walk costs £13 per dog per walk. For the high energy dogs and subject to space and availability I offe two hours and two dogs from the same household walk for £22, Sundays and Bank Holidays are £15 for an hour walk .

For a one hour walk your dog may be out with us for a couple of hours or with us for the entire morning if you want the two hour walk so your dog spends less time at home and more time with their mates.

During our walk your dog will be called to us on a regular basis, be given the sit command and be rewarded with a treat. We carry toys to encourage play in the group to make the walk as fun as possible. This way your dog will get plenty of exercise and learn to stay close to us at all times.

We will collect your dog or dogs in our especially adapted van which has been fitted with secure crates and anti-slip flooring so you can be certain that your dog will be transported in safety.

Your dog will be walked in a group of well socialised obedient dogs. They will be walked for a full hour. That’s actual walking time, not time spent picking up, transporting or dropping dogs home.

They can be walked on or off lead; this decision will be made by you when we have our first introductory meeting where we will discuss your dogs walking habits.

After the walk your dog will be delivered back home, happy refreshed and exercised. If your dog has got wet or muddy while we have been out they will be towelled down as best we can. I also check your dogs water bowl before we leave in case it needs refreshing and can give them any food or medication if required.

We update our Facebook page on a regular basis so you can see how much your dog enjoys their walk with us.

I only walk in small groups of six or less in safe secure areas.

Please ensure your dogs are wearing a good collar and ID tag. During your dogs walk I will also fit a tag to there collar containing my contact details. Please note it is a legal requirement that all dogs are now micro-chipped.

I'm sorry but I cannot accept aggresive dogs, bitches in season or uncastrated males over one year old.

1 hour walks are £13 per dog per walk or £22 for a 2 hour walk or two dogs from the same household.